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GM Skills Map

GM Skills Map helps thousands of people access millions of pounds worth of fully funded training

Thousands of people working at businesses in Greater Manchester have been helped to take part in millions of pounds worth of fully-funded training thanks to GM Skills Map.

Firstplay look to the future with skills revolution

Firstplay look to the future with skills revolution, upskilling employees and increasing productivity through fully funded Skills for Growth - SME Support programme. Read the case study here.

Skills for Growth helps 1600 Businesses | Press Release

Skills for Growth - SME Support have helped over 1600 businesses within our first 18 months of operation, assisting to upskill and re-skill employees across the Greater Manchester region. Read more to hear first-hand from our clients and experts about the impacts we've had on local business.

Fresh Approach UK case study

“We would not have been able to offer this number or variety of training to the team without the support of the team at Skills for Growth - SME Support or the funding towards training.” Read the Fresh Approach UK case study here.

A Beginner's Guide to Apprenticeships | NAW2022

Not sure if apprenticeships are the right way to grow your team and your business? We're here to convince you otherwise with this beginner's guide to apprenticeships.

£4k Apprenticeships Grant - Hire People with Skills to Improve your Business

The £4k Apprenticeships Grant is coming to a close in September 2021, but there's still time to start hiring employees with skills to improve your business. Read on to find out more...

Top 10 Certifications for Employees in 2021

We're counting down the Top 10 Certifications for Employees in 2021, with information from the GMCA Skills Observatory.

What Essential Skills Does an Apprentice Need?

There are some skills all Apprentices need for success, no matter what industry they are entering into. Our own marketing apprentice breaks it down in this article.

Graystone Action Sports Case Study

From forced closures during lockdown, this is Graystone Action Sports story of how they used their downtime to build employee skill sets and grow their business back stronger in 2021 with our support.

Securing the Future Workforce for Your Business – The Leisure Sector

The leisure sector has been one of the hardest hit sectors by COVID-19, with most leisure businesses being forced to completely shut their doors during lockdowns. It is only recently, as restrictions begin to loosen and life begins to regain some sort of normality, that these leisure businesses have been able to reopen and start operating again, albeit with some extra safety measures in place.