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Businesses in Greater Manchester can get expert advice on cutting their energy bills - and their carbon emissions - at a series of free webinars. Sign up today:

SME support programme Skills for Growth is running four Cut Carbon, Cut Costs webinars in November and December.

The Skills for Growth programme is delivered by the GC Business Growth Hub social enterprise and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Its aim is to help firms achieve their growth ambitions by plugging skills gaps and improving training and workforce development.

The webinars will be led by the programme’s sustainability and net zero experts and will provide firms with key market intelligence around energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change.

Firms can find out how to switch to renewable energy or upgrade fleets to electric vehicles. Other sessions will look at how to engage employees and how to gain competitive advantage by marketing your sustainability achievements.


A recent survey of businesses in Manchester found that 45% needed support to deliver on their environmental and 33% needed support to develop a plan to minimise their environmental impact.

GC Business Growth Hub is working thewinter to ensure that businesses have the support they need in the face of rising inflation and a predicted economic recession through its Here for Business: Cost of doing Business campaign, providing a range of specialist support. The Here for Business: Cost of doing Business campaign provides a range of specialist support to businesses.


Janine Richardson, programme manager at Skills for Growth said: “Like households, UK businesses are facing soaring energy costs this winter. Rising inflation is hitting all sectors of the economy, and at the same time the impact of climate change is being felt across the globe. Solving these two challenges goes hand in hand - by taking a more sustainable approach to energy use we can alleviate some of the cost pressures facing businesses. Tackling these issues is a win-win for companies and the environment."

“Our free webinars this year will equip firms with the tools and knowledge needed to do this. It will help our SMEs in Greater Manchester to address some of the key challenges they face around energy costs and sustainability.  And they will explore practical ways which firms can keep bills down by reducing their energy usage.

“Crucially, they will focus on ensuring SMEs have the right skills and expertise in place to thrive when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency. And it will help them better tell their story, while avoiding the risks of so-called ‘greenwashing’.”


Webinar Details: Watch the webinar series from clicking on the images below. 

Webinar 1 – Understanding climate change and making sense of the energy market | Monday 21st November 11:00am 

This session will explore the benefits of taking action and will provide an overview of the UK energy market. 

Click on the image below to watch the webinar. 

Understanding Climate Change & The Energy Market


Webinar 2 – Renewable energy alternatives for business | Thursday 24th November 2:00pm 

This session will focus on energy consumption and look at practical renewable or zero carbon energy supply options. Also on the agenda will be the practicalities and benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

Click on the image below to watch the webinar. 

Renewable Energy Alternatives For Business


Webinar 3 - Engaging your workforce and introducing climate policies | Monday 28th November 2:00pm 

This session will cover the workforce implications of company climate policies, including the strategy and resource implications of engaging employees.

Click on the image below to watch the webinar. 

Engaging your workforce & introducing climate policies


Webinar 4 – Using sustainability for competitive advantage | Thursday 1st December 11:00am 

This session will explore the sustainability conversation - with a focus on gaining competitive advantage through improved marketing.

Click on the image below to watch the webinar. 

Using sustainability for competitive advantage


All sessions will be delivered by Carl Hirst and Bex Bowcock, sustainability and net zero advisors with The Growth Company. More sessions are planned for in the New Year, so businesses that miss out this time still have a chance to attend.

To sign up for the Cut Carbon, Cut Costs webinars, and for detailed agendas on each session, visit:

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