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How to Optimise your Email Marketing


In this article, we discuss 3 ways you can instantly improve your email marketing campaigns to start seeing better results, including more opens, more clicks and more conversions.


Optimise Emails for Mobile Users

Many people view their emails on their mobile phone, which it why it is essential you optimise your emails for the mobile viewing experience. You certainly don’t want to ignore this huge portion of your audience, especially because mobile emails are 65% more likely to send shoppers to your site.

Make sure the layout of your email is mobile friendly by arranging content in a way that doesn’t require mobile viewers to endlessly scroll to reach the bottom of your email. Other things to consider when building an email template include positing the CTA properly, making sure you’re offer is in plain view, and making it easy to read. Double-check your email templates are mobile-responsive, they should automatically adjust themselves to fit the readers’ screen.


Create a Conversation

Email was designed for two-way communication, and that spirit should be maintained in your email marketing campaigns. Users can be easily be put off by the one-way nature of an automated email. Whilst automation can be very effective, you want to avoid your emails coming across as robotic or lifeless. To do this, try:

Asking for responses - Use email surveys to incorporate feedback about users’ experiences. This feedback can be invaluable. Incorporate it into new products, new offerings, and new campaigns. But the mere fact that you’re asking to hear from customers will go far to establish your brand as one that cares.

Avoid using Vague Language – By segmenting your audiences, you can provide each segment with more specific, tailored emails. This will improve the quality of your emails as you can provide your entire audience with content and offers that interest each of them individually.

Be more casual – People like to feel acknowledged as an individual, and not just another cog in the machine. Writing your emails in a more personable and casual manner will help your audience to feel more connected to your brand. People will therefore feel more open to purchasing from a company that feels more human, rather than an ultra-corporate entity.


Use KPIs as a Guide

KPIs help you to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns and therefore your overall strategy. To help guide you in the email construction process, try using the following KPIs as a guide:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Deliverability rate
  • Sign-up rate
  • Click-through rate

If you use Mailchimp for your email marketing, you can view the analytics of your emails once you’ve sent them out. You can even see how many times individual links were clicked. If you see a certain type of link is getting a lot more clicks, then you can deduce that either that content/offer is of great interest with your target audience, or that maybe you need to rework your emails to better promote the links that weren’t getting clicked on as much.


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Morgan Charnley

Morgan Charnley

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