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For your business

Skills Productivity Plan

Once you've met your Skills Coach they'll work with you to run a complete diagnostic of your business to identify skills gaps and growth opportunities, which they'll formalise into something we call a Skills Productivity Plan. This is a top-level plan to help develop your business.

For your employees

Individual Skills Development Plan

After you've got your business diagnostic complete, your Skills Coach will work with you to identify individual employees who need upskilling to boost their productivity, career prospects and role within your organisation. They'll tailor a unique plan for each employee, and formalise this as something we call an Individual Skills Development Plan.

Your learning portal

GM Skills Map

Once you've identified the steps to developing your team, growing and strengthening your business, your Skills Coach will help you to find training courses and providers using our purpose-built course directory and learning management system, GM Skills Map. Home to thousands of courses from hundreds of top universities, colleges and training providers, we're sure to find what you need with GM Skills Map.

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Maximising opportunity

Apprenticeship specialist support

Did you know we have a specialist to support you to develop your team through apprenticeships? From sourcing courses, providers and candidates, to applying for the levy matchmaking service and other funding support, our apprenticeship specialist is here for you every step of the way.

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