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5 Tips to Increase your Followers on TikTok


TikTok reached one billion users in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022. With this huge userbase, comes the opportunity to get your brand in front of millions. To achieve this, it’s important to know how TikTok works so you can tailor your content and maximise it’s reach. To help you with this, here are our top 5 tips to help you grow your followers and establish an online presence on TikTok:


Keep up to Date with the Latest Trends

A large part of finding success with your TikTok content is by staying up to date with the latest trends. These trends can consist of anything from a new dance, audio clip or a new meme format. By creating content that relates to current trends, you have a much higher chance of your content being seen by a lot more people.

These trends are often fast-moving and what is a trend one week, may be outdated by the next week. This means you always have to be ready to change your content to fit whatever new trend might be around the corner. Another reason to ensure your content is up to date is that your business may be seen as being out of touch, especially by the younger generations who use the app, which may put them off your brand.


Post Frequently

To stay on top of current trends also means you must post frequently. The more you post, the more you are rewarded with likes, comments, shares and followers. An account that doesn’t post often will be seen as inactive by the TikTok algorithm and will therefore be less likely to be shown in people’s feeds. As well as gaining favour with the algorithm, posting more often also increases the chances of people seeing your content, making your account easier to find.


Use Relevant Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms, hashtags are an important tool to use to get your content seen by as many people as possible, as well as making sure relevant audiences see it. Hashtags are used to categorise content and therefore help users search for a specific type of content such as tutorial videos . It might seem logical to use some of the most popular hashtags, although sometimes it can be detrimental for your content’s viewership. Using the most popular generic hashtags can cause your content to get lost amongst all the other millions of videos that have used that hashtag. By picking hashtags that are slightly more specific, although less popular, your content will stand out more and be easier to discover.


Use Influencer Marketing

There are many influencers on TikTok with their own following consisting of thousands or even millions of fans who look to them for advice, news, or entertainment. By investing in sponsoring influencers to promote your products, you can put your product in front of the eyes of a large audience. Unlike a more traditional style of advertisement that people are more likely to scroll past and ignore, people are interested to see what products their favourite influencers are using. If people see their favourite influencer using your product, they are far more likely to be interested in purchasing it themselves which is what makes influencer marketing a powerful marketing tactic for B2C businesses.


Engage with the Community

Like any other social media, comments are a big part of TikTok. Comments are the main way users can interact with creators on the app and share their own opinions on content. The more engagements a video gets, the more likely it is to be shown in more people’s feeds. This is why it is important to engage with users who comment on your videos to boost the ranking of your content with the algorithm. As well as responding to comments you receive on your videos, also comment on other videos that relate to your business. You might comment on a video that gets lots of likes which means your comment will appear near the top of the comments section, making it easier to see. People can easily see that comment and therefore may click on your account to explore your page and what you have to offer.


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Morgan Charnley

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