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Most recently, the impact of Covid-19 has seen businesses needing to re-shape the way they operate in unprecedented ways and timescales. Skills for Growth – SME Support has been launched at the peak of demand for reshaping and refocusing business and we are here to help and support you through this transition. Our expert team will work with you to identify skills and productivity needs to meet your unique business objectives.

Skills and productivity consultation

Assigned a dedicated skills coach

Assessment of current business model, talent and skills

Productivity planning and skills needs

Develop a bespoke productivity and skills plan

Access to impartial advice and guidance

Employee level support, we can work on a 1-1 basis with your employees

Productivity and skills implementation

We undertake the research to find the right training provider for you and provide the platform for you and your employees to access their training

Full service solution

Take a look below for information on the full range of other skills and business support available to Greater Manchester based businesses.

Through our collaborative consultation process we can assess the skills needs of your business in order to enhance productivity. We work with training provision at all levels to include colleges, universities,  private and commercial training providers across Greater Manchester in order to identify the most appropriate training and development solution to meet your business and employees aspirations. Find out more

As your business grows, it is essential you have the right people with the right skills working for you. Whether you are looking to put the basics like Health & Safety for each of your employees, technical job related training, developing team work, businesses skills or develop someone within your current team into a leader of tomorrow, or you are looking at expanding your workforce by introducing apprentices, we can support you every step of the way. Find out more.

Your business may be growing and expanding and as a result the skills needs of your workforce are changing, you may be looking to create new products or services or simply invest in your dedicated existing workforce.   Skills for Growth – SME Support can help you across all these areas.  In addition

If your business has been impacted by Covid-19 you may be looking at how you can re-shape your business to ensure its future. Our team can provide you with advice and support including guidance on any difficult decisions you may have to make including secondments, re-deployments and redundancies. Find out more.

At the heart of all successful businesses is a fundamental understanding of employee health & wellbeing. As an employer offering support to improve the health and resilience of your team will not only impact attitudes, behaviours and morale, but will also improve productivity on an individual and cross company basis. Find out more

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