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Future-forward learning

Develop your team with skills

At the heart of all business in Greater Manchester are its people, and we're here to empower employees, leaders and business owners alike through the power of skills, training and future-forward learning. Improve productivity, nurture the opportunities to grow and increase retention of talent by developing your team with skills.

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Productive and motivated

Maximise future growth

Enhance your growth trajectory by investing in skills, training and the personal development of your team to prepare your business for the future. We can help you develop a productive, engaged and motivated workforce with tailored individual support for each of your staff members.

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Relevant and current support

Reshape your business

Growing your business and responding to changes in market conditions can be exciting and lucrative. Your business can thrive by restructuring teams and redeploying individuals to play to their strengths, and within that process you have the opportunity to develop your team's skills and expertise to respond to new technologies and innovations, and help improve your products and services for the future.

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Financing your developments

Funding support

We understand that finding the time and finance to implement workforce development solutions can be a challenge for all businesses, which is why we can help relieve some of the pressure by exploring all funding options available for your business. This could include sourcing fully-funded training programmes, or exploring incentives and grant funding investment.

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Raising the next generation workforce


Kickstart is a £2 billion Government scheme creating hundreds of thousands of Government-subsidised job placements to help young people into work and support the UK's economic revival. As an employer, Kickstart will give you access to a large pool of young people with potential, at zero cost to you. We can work with you to deliver high-quality placements that go beyond the minimum requirements of the scheme to deliver an outstanding experience that both you and they can be proud of.

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Good work for everyone

GM Good Employment Charter

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme aiming to improve employment standards in the city region, and we can you work towards those goals. Employers of any size or sector can join the movement by making a commitment to improve practice in all the characteristics of good employment as set out by the Charter. All employers begin their journey as Supporters and can work towards becoming Members and Advocates.

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