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Looking for a specialist service?

Skills for Growth – SME Support has 3 unique specialist services to support the growth of SMEs undertaking our programme.

Health and Wellbeing Specialist

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Improve Productivity

Retain Top Talent

Apprenticeship Specialist

Identify Apprenticeships

Find a Training Provider

Levy Matchmaking Assistance

Full service solution

Take a look below for information on the full range of other skills and business support available to Greater Manchester based businesses.

Apprenticeships are available to people at all levels of your organisation from junior entry level roles through to degree plus level for senior established members of your team. An apprenticeship is the ideal way to improve the skills of your staff and help them gain a recognised qualification. Find out more

We can help you implement strategies and gain the skills to ensure your leadership and management makes your team feel supported, motivated and productive. Work to create a positive and inclusive culture to ensuring you are attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. Find out more

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